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We know from our own experience how hard it can be to find a Multisport Coach.
Below is the list of coaches that have spoken to us guaranteeing their ability and openness to offer you Multisport coaching.
The list covers a wide range of coaching styles and interests, and despite how busy they each may get, the list should provide enough options to allow coaching for you year round. Saying that... be sure to get in quick for the Summer peak.
All their websites offer great reading for training and racing. As coaches they will also periodically contribute to our website's library of resources.
Whether you are just starting or fine tuning, we hope you find the personnel and resource you are looking for.
We would also love to hear of any other coaches you would recommend joining the list. - Ian Edmond - Matt Graham, Dougal Allan, Eric Billoud, Rich Matheson, Dan - Sam Thompson, Mark Wilson, Cam Carter, and Mark Elliott - John Newsom - Cameron Durno - Nat Anglem - Michael Jacques - Wendy Chrisp - Richard Greer - Sam Goodall

Australia: - Brendon Downey


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